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These paintings are inspired by my trips to Finland, Mongolia, Switzerland, Montenegro, Mauritius, Estonia, Turkey, Sweden, Poland and in India, to Ooty, Alibag, Kashmir, Gangtok, Binsar and Kolkata; amongst others! To most of these places I have travelled alone. My efforts are to show how I have perceived the landscapes from other "Lands", for which I have chosen water colours as medium.

Teaching Economics for about 40 years (32 years at Somaiya College) has not silenced my passion for painting, although during those years i could not devote enough time for this. Now I have chosen to be with colours all the time.

For those interested (including children) in learning drawing/painting, guidance is available on group/individual basis. Please send a query on mail.

All paintings are for sale.

Paintings done for Balkosh

Balkosh released on 18th 2015 at the hands of Hon. Minister Nitin Gadkari.

Also have created three large paintings for these books and some more paintings for poems and other pages of the books.

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These are some paintings made for Hotel Industry and some which are sold and displayed in various hotels in Mumbai.

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